Born to be a winner the best your success

Having knowledge in Auto Cad application, and comparing to other companies and their competence in the market, to take a challenging work by using Auto Cad and analytical decision in my work, I want to make myself so strong in fabrication world which enable me to improve in my quality of work and efficiency within provided projects work.

Planning and Tracking of whole production process,which includes management of Men, Machine labor and Time

To attend meetings before step in to any projects work and advice the Top Management about the project structure and analyse the factors that are affecting to the projects and its status considering the current economic level and attain the efficiency to reach on target date.

Our best skills

We are highly specialized subcontractor in customized Stainless Steel works. We are fabricators and installers of high quality customized S.S.T. works as well as glass works, WALL MOUNTED HANDRAIL, SST. STAIR CASE HANDRAIL, SST DOORS, SST WINDOWS, ORNAMENTAL DOOR, SST GLASS BALUSTRADE, SST COLUMN CLADDING, SST SPHERE, SST CANOPY, and other tupe of works for stainless steel.

In GOTZ Middle East Co. Ltd., I have been working as a Production Supervisor & Tracking Reporter of Aluminum Fabrication division and having nearly 120 people under my supervision.

Stainless Steel

Who we are

Our Company is an extension of GOTZ GMBH of Germany. We are highly specialized subcontractor in customized curtain walls in high rise buildings. We are fabricators and installers of high quality customized high rise in Aluminum and Glass Facades. We have a fully equipped test chamber, which is unmatchable in Middle East. We had done project on “FAISALIYA TOWER” and “KINGDOM TOWER” in Riyadh. These projects are highly demanded among the high rise towers across the world.

Done National Bank of Bahrain Project worth 40 million Saudi Riyals.Done Faisalia Tower in Riyadh Project worth 140 million Saudi Riyals.Done Kingdom Center in Riyadh Project worth 90 million Saudi Riyals.Done Madinah Hotel in Madinah Al Munawwara worth 20 million Saudi Riyals.Done King Abdullah University Science & Technology in Jeddah.Done AjlanTower inRiyadh.Sara Housing Project Al Khobar.Architecture Administration Build.Al Subai Office Bldg in Riyadh.Aramco Gas Plant-Hawiah.Rabawah Office Build.Saudi Build Head Quarters.Done Arraya Center in Kuwait Project worth 40 million Saudi Riyals

CNC Machine SBZ-150,SBZ-130,DG-244,DG-104
Thermal Cramping
Tracer Milling
Circular Saw Cutting
Drilling & Tapping
Table Saw Cutting
Double Saw Cutting
Covering Profile
L.V.D. Punching Machine C.N.C.
L.V.D. Banding Machine C.N.C.
L.V.D. Sheet cutting Machine C.N.C.
Elumetec Double Meter saw DG-244
Elumetec Double Meter saw DG-104
Elumetec Noching Machine AKS-166
Elumetec Notching Machine .One saw table machine C.N.C. 222100410 C.
Elumetec 5 axis, Big Heads SBZ-130 C.N.C.
Elumetec center 8 tools (Tarot Lathe) SBZ-150
Elumetec Table Saw Machine manual TS-161
Elumetec Table Milling Machine manual AS-170
Elumetec Table Milling (two side meter) 078100407
Elumetec Table Milling (small)-AS70144
Elumetec C.N.C. Cramping Machine - EP-124
Thermal Cramping Machine - GOTZ-400
Test Chamber